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About Us
Learn about the oldest standing auxiliary of COOLJC
The Armor Bearers Young Peoples’ Union was founded in 1922 at the Refuge Temple Church of Harlem, NY – the mother church and current headquarters of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. Our founder, Bishop Robert C. Lawson, saw the spiritual and natural potential of the youth and organized them into a union. Leon Seely was the first president. The union began with only senior aged young people (18 through 35). But as membership increased it also diversified and the constituency of the union grew to include intermediate groups (teens) and junior groups (children) as well. In the beginning there were only a few Young Peoples’ Unions in the organization and no thought of a national union. However, as the number of members and local unions multiplied, it became necessary to organize all local unions into a national body. Soon, state and diocesan unions were also established throughout the organization. Mrs. A.T. Slade was instrumental in corresponding with local unions and helped to organize them nationally. She was given the title of Honorary National President.
  •      What is ABYPU? A Coalition of Young People from Local Churches in COOLJC
  •      Who do we serve? Young people ages 3-35!
  •      What are our conferences? International Youth Congress & Holy Convocation

The name Armor Bearers was suggested to Bishop Lawson by Mrs. Beatrice Brooks Utterbach. Since its establishment, the ABYPU has always been an organization of innovation and creativity. Our leadership, initiatives and programs have had a lasting effect on the youth of C.O.O.L.J.C. and the organization as a whole

The A.B.Y.P.U. is proud of its heritage and notable impact since its inception. We boast in the ranks of past international presidents who have grown to the highest levels of leadership in the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, including the Board of Apostles, Board of Bishops, Board of Education and Deacon’s Union. Throughout the organization, current pastors, auxiliary presidents and leaders began their service to the organization as leaders of a local or diocese A.B.Y.P.U. Today’s Armor Bearers Young Peoples’ Union continues to expand and nurture the talents and gifts of young people, turning potentials into actuality, and keeping the vision of our founder alive.


Our mission
To evangelize the world for Jesus Christ; to equip every believer to become true disciples of Christ; and to engage those social problems that challenge the communities we have been called to serve.

To evangelize the world for Jesus Christ


Equip every believer to become true disciples of Christ


Engage social problems that challenge the communities we’re called to serve.

The purpose of this department shall be to promote spiritual growth, heighten devotion, provide instruction and training— biblical, doctrinal and secular, enhance fellowship among the youth of this international organization, and to support the general body in the attainment of national and international goals.

Foster Collaboration & Communication

  • Increase program effectiveness through organizational collaborative efforts.
  • Build strong relationships with local, state,national, and global Unions.
  • Increase local and diocese reporting by 10% each year.
  • Improve iABYPU auxiliary-wide communication.
  • Increase parent and alumni engagement.
  • Pursue mutually beneficial relationships with International
    Sunday School and International Congress.
  • Capitalized on experiences through increased relationship with past Union presidents
Cultivate Leadership & Spiritual Development
  • Prepare youth for the pursuit of higher education and/or meaningful employment.
  • Provide platforms that foster leadership development and training.
  • Offer innovative, rigorous, and relevant programs.
  • Promote personal, physical, emotional, and spiritual health through Union support services.
  • Deliver programs that utilize best practices in technology and innovation.
  • Contribute to the formation of spiritual development.
  • Develop auxiliary leadership succession plans to be modeled by Diocese and Local Unions.
Enhance Engagement Beyond the Four Walls
  • Emphasize service learning in the development of Union leadership.
  • Increase Union participation in community events.
  • Facilitate access to opportunities for connecting with the local, national, and global community.
  • Offer opportunities for the community to participate in Union activities.
  • Encourage Unions to develop programs and events, which involve their respective Union in the communities they have been called to serve.
  • Develop continuing education opportunities for leaders in training.
Ensure Growth & Sustainability
  • Develop sustained and diversified funding that promotes the financial stability of the auxiliary.
  • Increase auxiliary funding base through grants, sponsors and reporting.
  • Ensure the continued alignment of the auxiliary operations with mission and vision.
  • Recruit and retain qualified young people.
  • Promote an environment that values and supports Diocese Bishop, Pastors, Local and Diocese Presidents and officers.
  • Establish funding for qualified individuals in the area of education.
International Young Women’s Ministry

Plan and implement programs of both natural and spiritual growth and development for women 20-35 years of age. The coordinator will be expected to research the needs of young women within COOLJC and provide suggestions on how we as an auxiliary and organization can better minister to them.

International Young Men’s Ministry

Plan and implement programs of both natural and spiritual growth and development for men 20-35 years of age. The coordinator will be expected to research the needs of young men within COOLJC and provide suggestions on how we as an auxiliary and organization can better minister to them.


Let’s Move is designed to fulfill our mission to develop healthy lifestyles amongst our young people, both spiritually and physically.

Young Professionals Network:

The Young Professional Network (YPN) is a platform for young professionals provided by the International ABYPU. YPN offers networking, professional development, and volunteer opportunities to aspiring youth in the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. The YPN connects working professionals predominately through ages 18 thru 35 and provides opportunity to network with their peers in the same field or other career paths.


LEAD365 are practical sessions and engagements designed to speak to the leader within us all. The purpose of these sessions is to transform our thinking and foster innovation within our ministries and personal development. Whatever area of church life and ministry you find yourself in, there is something within the breadth of these sessions that will encourage and empower you in your calling and passion.

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